Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory

This spread showcases our cruise ship – the Carnival Glory.  I chose Carnival cruise lines for two reasons – the first was that they were the cheapest and because this was our first cruise I didn’t want to go to crazy.  The second was that I discovered that it is one of the best cruise lines for families and kids.  In fact – there were more children passengers than adult passengers on this cruise!  That might scare some people away – but it was perfect for my son who made several friends.  I was able to escape to the adults only parts of the ship and rest.

I had a lot of fun with this page.  The right hand side has a large photograph of the ship that I got as part of the Behind the Scenes Tour (but more about that on another page).  Notice that it came with a black border.  In order to tie the elements on the left hand page into this design you will notice that I bordered my own picture of the Glory in black, as well as our key cards.  Notice that I wasn’t afraid to cut off the top corner of my own picture to help everything fit onto the page.

I also took opportunity on this page to put in a side view of the ship and marked where our cabin was.  These little fold-able maps were what kept me from getting lost on the ship!  But it also serves as a great piece of ephemera that I personalized for this page.  I also used some of the notepaper in our cabin to serve as my journaling paper.

Ephemera Tip: While on a cruise don’t be afraid to collect all kinds of free souvenirs that will come in handy when you create your scrapbook you will see many over the next few weeks as we discover our Canada Cruise. 

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