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Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

Canada Cruise 2010: Return to New York

The last day of our cruise!  We pulled into New York harbor in the morning and we enjoyed a breakfast while entering the harbor.  It seemed that most people were skipping breakfast to get ready to disembark, but we had a late flight and I decided that we were going to enjoy every last minute on the boat.

It turned out that that was a good decision as we were seated at breakfast with Richard H. Wagner, the editor of who has been over 50 cruises and writes about his experiences on all of them. As you can see from the blue debarkation luggage tags that I used as borders on the right hand page – we were in group 17 to leave and so we enjoyed standing on our balcony and watching the local harbor traffic until the very last minute.

I was able to get some wonderful pictures of the bridge and the Statue of Liberty in the morning sunrise, as well the tugboats that helped to gently push us into our dock.  If you look closely at the right hand picture you will see that there were two people out on kayaks, and it struck me how small they were compared to the cruise ship that we were on.


Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

Canada Cruise 2010: Behind the Fun Tour

Cheap Canada Tour PackagesWe had a day at sea while we were heading back to New York, and unfortunately the weather got cold and rainy.  My son wanted to hang out with the other teens at their indoor activities so I decided to do a behind the scenes/”Behind the Fun” tour.  While it was pricey to experience this – I think it was around $100 – I was so glad that I did it.  We got to see all of the things going on behind the scenes – the kitchens, the massive refrigerators, behind stage at the performance hall, the front of the ship, the back of the ship, and even up in the control room.

I think that one of my favorite parts was that we got to spend some time with the head Chef from the fancy restaurant on the ship, and he gave us some cooking techniques and tips.  I learned how to grill the perfect steak from him, and I still use that method to this day.  (But I’m not telling 🙂 ).

They took pictures of us at several points and when I got back to my room later that night there was a very nice gift package that included these three pictures, a piece of soap carved to look like a swan from the kitchen staff, and some amazing chocolate covered strawberries.  I took the gift note and put it on the page and it can be flipped up to read my journaling about the experience.  Included in the gift package was a bracelet that I cut so that I could lay it flat on the left hand side of the page.  I also cut the lanyard that held our security passes (you can see us wearing them in the pictures) and used that as a border along the bottom of both pages.

The background papers come from a scrapbooking kit that I purchased while on the cruise.  It was old stock and at a discount, and I will be honest that most of it was not very good, but I used these background papers from that set.  You will notice that I used a grey border around the picture on the left hand page – this was to help it stand out and bring a little more grey to this page to help it blend better with the right hand page.


Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

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When I was planning our cruise trip my friends told me that we would eat non stop and that I would gain ten pounds.  I did not believe them – but I should have because sure enough, when I got home I had gained ten pounds!

This spread showcases several of the amazing meals that we had while on the cruise.

Cruise Dining Tip: When having sit down meals you can order more than one thing off of the menu.  I learned this the first night when our table neighbors got two desserts!  I asked them how they did that and they told me that you could order more than one meal.  So for every meal afterwards I ordered everything that I wanted to try – which is probably why I gained ten pounds!

If you notice the bottom left hand picture you will see that my son’s expression is “Why are you taking pictures at every meal?”  You will also notice that he was getting a lot of sun at the pool!

Design element: If you look carefully at the right hand page you will notice that the borders for the 4 pictures is actually just one piece of paper that I cut around the outline of the pictures.  I did this because there was not enough room on the page to give every picture its own border and for it to still look good.


Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory Smokestack

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory - Smokestack

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory – Smokestack

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This is my favorite page in the entire album.  As we headed out to sea, my son and I felt that we had to explore the ship.  I am not sure what everyone else was doing, because there were hardly any people outside, and we had the top deck of the ship nearly to ourselves.

As you can see from these pictures we walked from one end of the ship to the other.  I had two options for placing the pictures:

  1. Put the pictures of my son and I on the same page – one at the front and one at the back, or
  2. Put the pictures of the front and the back of the ship together – which is the option that I chose.

Design elements on this spread:

  1. I am very proud of the right hand page.  I actually created this page myself using 4 different papers.  The background paper has the clouds, but the large smokestack I made by cutting  red, blue and white papers to the shape of the smokestack.  I used a picture of the smokestack that I had taken to freehand draw with pencil on the cardstock paper. I then cut out each piece separately. I then used paint to give dimension to the red and blue sections.  Finally all the sections I outlined using a black marker to give them definition.  I was thrilled that it turned out so well.
  2. Since I had outlined the smokestack with black marker, I also chose to outline each of the photographs with a black marker. I used a thick sharpie and a ruler to accomplish this.  Do not try to do it free hand!
  3. If you look carefully at the left hand page you will notice that the flag that is flying on its own is actually a photograph of the ships flag that I hand cut and placed on the page to blend in with the flag background paper.

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory

Canada Cruise 2010: Carnival Glory

This spread showcases our cruise ship – the Carnival Glory.  I chose Carnival cruise lines for two reasons – the first was that they were the cheapest and because this was our first cruise I didn’t want to go to crazy.  The second was that I discovered that it is one of the best cruise lines for families and kids.  In fact – there were more children passengers than adult passengers on this cruise!  That might scare some people away – but it was perfect for my son who made several friends.  I was able to escape to the adults only parts of the ship and rest.

I had a lot of fun with this page.  The right hand side has a large photograph of the ship that I got as part of the Behind the Scenes Tour (but more about that on another page).  Notice that it came with a black border.  In order to tie the elements on the left hand page into this design you will notice that I bordered my own picture of the Glory in black, as well as our key cards.  Notice that I wasn’t afraid to cut off the top corner of my own picture to help everything fit onto the page.

I also took opportunity on this page to put in a side view of the ship and marked where our cabin was.  These little fold-able maps were what kept me from getting lost on the ship!  But it also serves as a great piece of ephemera that I personalized for this page.  I also used some of the notepaper in our cabin to serve as my journaling paper.

Ephemera Tip: While on a cruise don’t be afraid to collect all kinds of free souvenirs that will come in handy when you create your scrapbook you will see many over the next few weeks as we discover our Canada Cruise. 

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

We flew from Indianapolis, IN to New York La Guardia airport where we caught a bus to take us directly to the cruise ship.  Unbeknownst to me, the bus took us right through the middle of New york City, and we were able to snap some quick shots of New york and Times Square as we barreled through traffic.  This little bit of New York is still all that I have seen of it.  One day I want to take an extended trip to visit the city.

Cruise Tip: Book your Flight, airport transfer, and cruise in a packagethat way if you miss any connections the travel company takes responsibility for the loss.  I booked our flight separately from the airport transfer and cruise, and it was a little hair raising trying to find the bus at the airport.

The papers that I used on this page were all from a New York scrapbook set that I purchased at a craft store.  I don’t usually use pre-coordinated paper sets, but I had difficulty finding any paper that I could use for this New York spread, and I do like how this turned out.


Europe Trip: Greek Island Cruise departing from Brindisi, Italy

Europe Trip: Greek Island Cruise

Europe Trip: Greek Island Cruise

After visiting Pompeii we boarded an overnight Ferry in Brindisi, Italy which took us to Corfu, in the Greek Islands.  This page doesn’t really stand out, but I did use a technique that was new to me.  You will notice the cruise ship on the left hand page and it looks like it is riding on the ocean’s horizon on the background paper.  The way that I created this was to take one page of clouds and one page of waves and cut each in half.  Then the two halves were pasted next to each other to create the effect of the horizon.  You will have to excuse the crazy “Titanic” pose on the right hand page – I don’t know what we were thinking but we were having fun.

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