Canada Cruise 2010: New York

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

Canada Cruise 2010: New York

We flew from Indianapolis, IN to New York La Guardia airport where we caught a bus to take us directly to the cruise ship.  Unbeknownst to me, the bus took us right through the middle of New york City, and we were able to snap some quick shots of New york and Times Square as we barreled through traffic.  This little bit of New York is still all that I have seen of it.  One day I want to take an extended trip to visit the city.

Cruise Tip: Book your Flight, airport transfer, and cruise in a packagethat way if you miss any connections the travel company takes responsibility for the loss.  I booked our flight separately from the airport transfer and cruise, and it was a little hair raising trying to find the bus at the airport.

The papers that I used on this page were all from a New York scrapbook set that I purchased at a craft store.  I don’t usually use pre-coordinated paper sets, but I had difficulty finding any paper that I could use for this New York spread, and I do like how this turned out.

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  1. This is an amazing idea if you are living on the East Coast of Canada and you wish to visit NYC for a day. However I don’t like traveling with ships as I get seasick. Last time I visited New York I flew with American Airlines and booked a room in a really nice hotel from Reservation Counter. The was amazing. It was 4 years ago. When you go there make sure you find yourself a nice tour company that cam give you a nice tour around the city. It is well worth it.


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