Washington DC 2012: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Vietnam War Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Washington DC Tours
The next stop on our tour was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  This stop was an emotional one for our family as one of my father’s childhood friends, and brother to one of my aunts is memorialized on the wall.  This was my fathers first visit to the wall. and I was able to take a picture of him near the name and a close up of the name engraved in the wall.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Tips: If you know someone named on the wall, look first at the location books at the edges of the memorial – they will help you locate the name quickly.  Also – don’t forget to take paper and a pencil or crayon if you wish to take a rubbing of the name on the memorial.  We forgot to do this and we were saddened by this.  I discovered later though, when visiting the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall that you can request a free rubbing from http://www.memorialrubbings.com/

I wanted this page to be simple and respectful so I used a solid green background and I made the replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial by hand to add to the page.  On the left hand page are two statues that are part of the memorial.  The left most one is the Women’s Vietnam Memorial to pay tribute to the women who served in the Vietnam War, many of whom where nurses.  The next photograph is the “Three Soldiers Statue“.

On the right hand page are pictures of my father and his friends name engraved on the memorial.  I also included a photograph of the reflecting nature of the wall, for which this memorial is well known.  And, of course, another stamp from the Washington DC collection.

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