Washington DC 2012: China Town

Washington DC 2012: China Town

Washington DC 2012: China Town

Washington DC Tours
This page celebrates our last stop on the tour, and is quite an eclectic page.  There are times when theme for several items does just not make sense and this is the case for this page.

After the tour was over our guide asked us what our plans for supper were and we mentioned that we wanted to go to China Town and asked what restaurant he would suggest.  Wonderfully he offered to walk with us to his favorite place which he did.  On the way he showed us some historical markers of interest which I have showcased on the left hand page – the site of the first Telegraph Office in the United States, and the Surratt Boarding House, which is where some conspirators plotted the abduction in Abraham Lincoln.  The ornamental design in the background I cut with my Cricut machine using the “Ornamental Iron 2” cartridge.

The right hand page includes the menu from the Chinatown Express, where we ate, and some pictures from the front of the store.  You will notice that I put two pictures together  to be able to show all that was occurring.  Because the window was small I could get the whole scene in one shot.  I often will do something like this to create a panoramic effect, and I think that it looks cool.  You will also see that I included all of our fortunes from our Fortune cookies 🙂

If you look closely you will notice that I have a small black cutout of an umbrella – which doesn’t make much sense to this page.  It represents a family joke of something that happened that is a family secret and somewhat funny to us now.  🙂  Don’t be afraid to put things like this in your memory pages as they will invoke smiles from those who know the inside story.

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