2012: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2012: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2012: Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Jonathan, our Exchange Student, races go-karts in Sweden.  One of the things that excited him the most about being in Indiana (ok – maybe the only thing) was that we were near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and he wanted to go to the Indy 500.  Since the Indy 500 was at the end of his time with us (Memorial Day Weekend) I knew that we needed to take him to the Speedway early on.  You don’t want to try and visit the Hall of Fame Museum on Race Day!  So – we took a trip to Indy during the first month that he was with us.  We had opportunity to take a bus trip on the 2.5 mile track and get pictures from the track.

For this spread I used Brick photograph paper as the Speedway is affectionately known as the brick yard.  It was originally made out of all brick and the finish line still has the bricks.  I made sure to get our tickets as well as the brochure from the museum onto the page along with our pictures.

Design Tip: Look at the right hand page – I had 4 pictures that were different orientations and sizes and I had a difficult time fitting them all on the page.  So – I picked a middle point and centered each photograph into that space.  This allows for the pictures to look balanced on the page.

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