2012: Rodeo

2012: Rodeo

One of the first things that we did with Jonathan as a family outing was to go to the local rodeo.  It was an interesting experience being there with someone from another country, because the first half hour of the event was extremely patriotic, which was fine, until the announcer thanked God for the United States being the greatest country on earth during his prayer.  I felt embarrassed by this while with our new found friend.  This is not something that you think about when you are alone, but I think that Americans can be arrogant when it comes to our assumptions of God’s blessings on us. (Sorry for the rant – it is part of the story of this night.)  Jonathan also discovered that he likes Elephant Ears – if you don’t know what these are – then you need to visit a Midwest Fair.

For this page I used background papers that are photographs of burlap and straw to work with the country western theme.  Jolees has some wonderful country and cowboy sticker packs that I used on this spread as well.  Most of the program was advertising so I didn’t want to put the whole thing on the page – but the section that explained what the different events were I thought was important to include.  I couldn’t fit it on one page in a way that was attractive, so I cut it down the middle at an angle and pasted it over two pages.  I originally had these pages in a post bound book – and it looked good.  I later needed to move the pages to a three ring binder album, and it doesn’t look as good in that due to the one inch of space between the pages that is created in a three ring binder.

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