2013: St Louis Cardinals Game

2013: Cardinals Baseball

2013: Cardinals Baseball

Don MattinglyFor our last week together before our exchange student went home to Sweden, we took a family trip together to the St Louis area.  The trip centered around going to a Cardinal’s baseball game, and I bought the most expensive seats I have ever purchased for a baseball game.  I usually sit in the nose bleeds or the bleachers.  But for this special occasion I decided to sit on left field in better seats.

We arrived early to be able to eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Laclede’s Landing, and then we took the Metro to the game.  We arrived before the gates were open, but enjoyed the gift shop and walking around the stadium looking at the statues and the other sites.  We had an incredible time at the game.  It is nice to know that we saw the Cardinal’s at the beginning of their latest World Series Championship Season πŸ™‚ !

I used baseball themed background paper and placed an assortment of pictures and ephemera from the day.  My favorite picture is the bottom one on the left hand page where you can see the St Louis Arch from the Stadium.  I wanted to take this picture, because I have a picture from the top of the Arch looking at the Stadium from earlier in the year –> St Louis Arch scrapbook page.

2012: St Louis Arch - 3

Click for larger version

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