2013: St Louis City Museum

2013: St Louis City Museum

2013: St Louis City Museum

As part of our last week celebration we went to the St Louis City Museum.  The museum is basically a collection of architectural salvage from 19th century buildings as well as seemingly endless miles of tunnels, passages, and bridges made from salvaged items.  One could easily spend all day at the City Museum and never find all of the hidden corners.  There are outdoor attractions, and indoor caves to explore.  It is well worth the admission price.

The City Museum occupies the former International Shoe Company building.  Tennessee Williams worked at this factory for a while and became depressed with the monotonous work.  A co-worker at the International Shoe Company became the the inspirational for character Stanley Kowalski in “A Streetcar named Desire“.

I purchased the City Museum laser cut in the top right hand corner in a local scrapbook store, and the patch in the top left hand corner was purchased at the museum gift shop.  Per my usual tradition, I made sure that the entrance arm bands also made it onto the page.  You have to purchase an additional arm band to go to the rooftop, but again, I believe that it is worth the extra price.

Notice on the left hand page that I had to cut one of the pictures down to fit it on the page under the armbands. Don’t be afraid to cut pictures to make them fit, just be careful so that you don’t make an incorrect cut.  “Measure twice and cut once!”

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