2012: St Louis Arch

2012: St Louis Arch - 1

2012: St Louis Arch – 1

In October we traveled to Illinois so that I could attend my College Homecoming.  Since we were so close to Missouri at the time I knew that we needed to take Jonathan to see the St Louis Arch.  In order to create the Arch on this page I used my Gypsy to create two partial ellipses to be cut out by my Cricut Machine.    I then cut the arch so that it would fit across both pages in the spread.  On the right hand page I used a corner cutter to cut one corner of each of the photo’s as it helps to make the photos look like a collage.  Notice that I printed out the journaling for this page on white paper and then cut and colored it to make it look like a cloud in the sky by the Arch.

2012: St Louis Arch - 2

2012: St Louis Arch – 2

For the spread showcasing pictures inside the Arch I used the remaining paper from the Arch cutout from the first spread.  I mounted this page on top of a full sheet of dark blue paper, and I moved the inside part of the page to the left a little to add perspective to the Arch and the page.  On the right hand page I put our tickets and a certificate announcing that Jonathan had made it to the top of the Arch.

2012: St Louis Arch - 3

2012: St Louis Arch – 3

For this third spread I used scrapbook paper that I purchased as part of a pack at the Arch Shop.  I attached the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial brochure to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer could open it to see it.  The way that this brochure is folded it opens upside down for the viewer – but I thought that it was more important to have the brochure mounted correctly than for it to open in a convenient way for the viewer.

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