2008: Karate: Earning a yellow belt

2008: Karate

2008: Karate

My son’s school offered after school karate for a month to give students opportunity to earn their yellow belt.
Live Well SportsThese pictures are from an after school demonstration, as well as his yellow belt ceremony.  He loved  Karate so much that we continued lessons up until the time that we left San Diego.

The inspiration for this spread that came from the yellow belt and a card that one of our friends gave to my son for a special occasion.  The card is in the top left hand corner, and when you open it it plays “Kung Fu Fighting“.

2008: Karate Insert

2008: Karate Insert

If you look carefully at the picture to the left you can see the card is open.  You can also see the white pull tab which is the mechanism that starts playing the music.  In order to create this I cut a slit in the background paper (And the plastic sheet protector) to slip the back part of the card into.  This allowed me to then put a picture of my son behind the card so that when it is opened you can see the picture, but not the back side of the card.

All of the pictures and journaling are bordered with orange and yellows that are inspired by the colors from the Kung Fu card.  I also hand drew and cut the yellow belt that serves as a border for the top of the page.  In order to give it some depth and dimension I used an orange marker to carefully mark the edge of the belt.

The embellishments are the Jolee’s Karate sticker set.


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