2008: San Diego Children's Museum

2008: San Diego Children’s Museum

2008: San Diego Children's Museum

2008: San Diego Children’s Museum

I can’t seem to remember how I got invited to the Grand Opening of the San Diego New Children’s Museum, but we did. Maybe it was because we were recently adopted and were on some list. But – we had a great time at the event.

The San Diego New Children’s Museum is unlike any other museum for children that I have ever been too – it is themed around art, and every exhibit is a hand’s on piece of Art that children can play with.

There were two favorite pieces that we had on this day.  The first is the top picture on the left hand page – yes – that is a VW Beetle covered in paint!  They had a real VW Beetle that they were letting the children paint on – so we left our mark on that project for sure.

The second was an instillation of large foam pieces that children could build into various things.  If you look at the center of the Museum brochure I put a picture of my son in this exhibit.  But you will notice that he is on a television screen!  The cool thing about this exhibit is that it recorded children building things for about 5 minutes, and then it played the whole sequence backwards 🙂  I had my son stand in front of the camera – and then I watched the video until I saw him in it and snapped this picture.

I chose the funky pink and green background paper to compliment the bright pink museum brochure and then used a corner cutter to round all the edges of the pictures.

I had originally laid out all the pictures square with the background paper, but I decided that that was too formal for the craziness of the Museum and of our day there.  So I decided instead to tilt the brochure and the pictures at an angle to emphasize the energy of the day.

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