2008: San Diego Padres – Petco Park

2008: San Diego Padres - Petco Park

2008: San Diego PadresPetco Park

Find authentic game-used jerseys at Steiner Sports!One of the last things we did when we lived in San Diego was go to a Padres game at Petco Park. It was a themed day where kids were allowed to go into the outfield to get pictures and autographs from the players. We were fortunate enough to get this picture with Adrian Gonzalez who unfortunately now plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I designed the background paper for this spread as well.  I used a straight-line cutter to cut the brown diamond and the blue “spectator stands” and placed both of these on top of the green “field” paper.

I bordered each of the pictures in “Padres tan” which matches the uniforms and the ticket on the page.  I like to use tickets on my pages because they often have the date and time printed on them, and they serve as my journaling of the event.

If you notice in the middle bottom of the spread it looks like there is a plastic packet of dirt — well you are right.  We picked up a little dirt from the outfield to add to this scrapbook spread!

The rest of the items on the page are Jolee’s stickers and Padres scrapbook stickers that I found at a local scrapbook store.

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  1. Lovely pages, but even lovelier memories! What a FUN day – so exciting for sweet boy to get his picture taken with players, and I distinctly remember a frozen solid snow cone that made a mess! So bittersweet – so much fun, but knowing that it was making the most of all the minutes left before you two would move! I think this is the only picture of just the three of us we ever took until that picture at the Flower Fields when you came back to visit.


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