2008: Cirque Du Soleil: Kooza

We had the wonderful opportunity to see Cirque Du Soleil‘s Kooza with my parents. I have been a long time fan of Cirque Du Soleil, and have seen many of their productions.  I had previously taken my son to see Corteo and La Nouba.  My parents had never been to see a Cirque Du Soleil show and we wanted to treat them to the experience.

Cirque Du Soleil does not allow photography inside the performance and therefore all of our pictures are outside of the venue.  I also cut pictures out of the program to add to the spread as well.

I chose the crazy purple colored background to match the program colors that you can see on the left hand page.  On the right hand page I used a solid purple background page, but used the same background paper to border the pictures and to create a right hand side torn border.  This helps to unify the two pages.

You will notice red, blue, white and purple pieces of paper on both pages.  These were actually part of the special effects of the show – at one point they came shooting out of the air onto the audience and we collected them for the scrapbook.

The two figures on the left hand page and the acrobats on the right hand page were cut from the program.  The figures on the left hand page I carefully cut out the silhouettes using a pair of sharp pointed scissors.

I used a corner cutter to cut the pictures and the programs to add energy to the page.  I was very careful when I did this with the program because I only had one copy and didn’t want to mess it up.

You will also notice bronze colored ephemera – left and page “Kooza”, right hand top corner – a kite, and on the right hand bottom corner a silly face.  These both came from a key chain that I bought at the show’s gift shop, and were affixed to the page with clear glue.


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