2008: Medieval Times 2

This is the second spread commemorating our visit to Medieval Times (View spread 1). If you have ever been to Medieval Times you will know that every guest sits in a section which cheers on the individual knights. We wore our green shirts because we wanted to be in the Green Knight’s section. The green knight is usually the bad character in the plot – but green is our favorite color so there you go!

To celebrate our greeness this page is covered in green.  On the left hand page I placed one of the crowns that you can see us wearing in the pictures above it.  I also carefully cut several pictures that I took of the Green Knight’s shield and banners to place on this page.  It is important if you do this to use sharp pointed scissors so that you can easily cut the fine details.

We were given small banners as well, and you can see one of these placed at the bottom of the right hand page.  I used a corner cutter on all of the pictures, and I like the way it looks when the pictures are placed close together – particularly the four on the right hand page.

I think that this spread showcases an important part of my philosophy of scrapbooking – that the page should not only include photographs from the event itself, but also the ephemera – the items that you have collected at the experience.  In this case the crown and the banner.

Here are some other scrapbook pages showcasing other Dinner Theaters that we have been fortunate enough to visit:

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