2008: Medieval Times

2008: Medieval Times: 1

2008: Medieval Times: 1

We took opportunity to go up to Chicago for a weekend and we made a trip to Medieval Times in Schaumburg, Illinois. Medieval Times is a Dinner theater where there is jousting and other Medieval forms of entertainment.

2008: Medieval Times: 2

2008: Medieval Times: 2

I am particularly proud of this spread for several reasons.  The first is that the brick looking pattern on the background page I created by hand.  I used a marble paper and then used a ruler and a think point black marker to create the brick pattern.  The second is the wooden door which opens to reveal some pictures and the program for the event.  I used wood grain paper to cover card stock.  The hinges and door handle were created using my Cricut machine.  I carefully cut the plastic protector sheet over this page to slip the door into so that it could be opened.

2008: Medieval Times: 3

2008: Medieval Times: 3

I did a similar thing on the right hand side page with a professional photo that Medieval times took and I purchased. I simply cut a slit in the plastic protector over the page and then slipped the photo cover in so that it could be opened by the viewer.

Come back tomorrow to see another spread from inside the castle, but in the meantime here are some other scrapbook pages showcasing other Dinner Theaters that we have been fortunate enough to visit:

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