2007: Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

2007: Pirate's Dinner Adventure

2007: Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

As part of our Thanksgiving 2007 trip to Los Angeles we went to the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure with our good friends Tira and David. Tira was a friend of Brandon’s when he was thinking about adoption and really encouraged him to move forward in the process. Tira is a professional photographer and later took pictures of our adoption day. View Tira’s website –> tirajphotography.com.

This first spread includes a flag and a pirate hat from our adventure.  I didn’t want to glue the flag down, and it would not stick with sticky tabs, so I used my Crop-a-dile Big Bite Punch to insert eyelets/grommets into the corners to hold it on to the page.  If you look carefully you will be able to see the green eyelets that I used.  In order to show as much of the flag as possible I used a fine point pair of scissors to carefully cut around our outlines in the photos.  I also had some wonderful stickers and embellishments to put on this page.  If you remember the Medieval Times page – my son was posing with his sword – apparently he wanted to keep the theme here and was using a flag to attack our friend David – in a friendly way of course!

2007: Pirate's Dinner Adventure 2

2007: Pirate’s Dinner Adventure 2

This second spread showcases that my son was called up on stage to be part of the show – he loved that! Since it was Thanksgiving time they were having a Christmas theme – and he got to be a toy soldier – complete with a wooden gun – I don’t know how they pried that out of his fingers when it was over!

The pirate outfit in the left corner is from a Jolee’s Sticker collection – and is one of my all time favorites.  (Of course – I like pirates too!).

The pirate ship on the right hand side is actually a full page print on transparent plastic.  I used my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch again to hold it to the maroon background page using eyelets/grommets.  I placed this plastic sheet on top of the photographs and title  – which is why you see a little glare from the light when I took the picture of this spread.

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