2008: Getting My Braces

2008: Getting My Braces

2008: Getting My Braces

This page represents a period of time during which my son had 8 teeth removed and his braces put on.

We found out when he was 10 years old that he was missing some adult teeth and that his adult teeth were not aligned with his baby teeth and so therefore couldn’t push them out. He had to have all of his baby teeth removed, and two of his adult teeth so that the lower and upper teeth would align! The poor kid really had a rough go of it when they pulled out his teeth. In his drug induced state he managed to say some not so nice things to me and afterwards through a full cold shake that I bought for him all over our leather interior car! It is a good thing that I love him.  The left hand page chronicles the teeth removal day.

The right hand page shows the first day of braces – he was not really pleased that I was taking all of these pictures during the process – but I thought that he looked hilarious and would enjoy looking at the pictures later.  The top left picture on the right hand side is after they put something in his mouth that he didn’t think tasted very good 🙂 .

All of the pictures on this page have borders that I cut with a corner punch.  I chose the border color to match the red appliance in his mouth during the braces pictures, and the corner punch was selected because I thought that it looked a little like the braces.

The technique that I am most proud of on this spread is the metal “braces” that I created at the top and bottom of the left page.  Here are the steps to create this technique:

  1. I purposely chose a stiffer cardboard background page to handle this technique.
  2. I used my Big Bite Crop-A-Dile to punch four holes in the cardboard.
  3. I then used the same tool to insert metal eyelets into those holes.
  4. I then inserted metal brads through the eyelets and bend the backs but left room for the metal wire to be wrapped around them.
  5. I used picture hanging wire and wrapped it once around each brad.
  6. For the end “braces” I pushed the wire through the eyelet to the back side of the cardboard, and then taped them to the back of the cardboard.

The remaining embellishments from the page were taken from various sticker packs for “trips to the dentist”.

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