2008: Christmas Dinner

2008: Christmas Dinner

2008: Christmas Dinner

There are many stories behind this spread of our Christmas Dinner in 2008.

Story 1: If you look carefully at the wallpaper in the background who will notice that it is “old lady” roses.  When we bought the house I knew that I would need to change out the wallpaper.  Not only was it roses – but it was also metallic – which is why I picked the background paper that I did for this spread – metallic and flowery 🙂 . I will share that that awful wallpaper is no longer there – thanks to my mom and dad who helped to strip it all.

Story 2: The tags that you see on the spread are the actual tags that I made for gifts around our tree.  Instead of names I just used the first letter of people’s names.  In our extended family (not anyone present at this Christmas) there is a tradition of people trying to snoop to figure our their gifts – so a counter tradition was started to try and label the gifts in ways so that only the giver knew what the tags meant so that people could not snoop.  When I went back to scrapbook this page I realized that I had left over paper from the letters on the tags – so I used that paper to create the borders for the photographs.

Story 3: Our family grew up in South Africa which has a culture heavily influenced by the British culture.  Therefore we always try to have Christmas “Crackers” to pull before Christmas meal – you can see them in the top picture on the left hand side if you look carefully.  The “crackers” always have a prize and a hat to wear during the meal.  I took the picture at the bottom of the right hand page of my aunt and I thought that she looked like the Queen of England – so I knew I had to put that in the scrapbook.  I am sure that she won’t be too pleased that I am sharing this picture with the world! :).

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