2009: Conner Prairie

2009: Conner Prairie

2009: Conner Prairie

CraftsyI won tickets to visit Conner Prairie from a radio station, otherwise I am not sure I would have ever known this place existed.  And we were lucky enough to just happen to pick a weekend where they were having reenactments which made the whole experience even more exciting.   Conner Prairie is an interactive history park which my son loved particularly because it involved handling guns and throwing hatchets.  He also got a kick out of making candles and watching the reenactment battle scenes.

The ephemera that you see on the page were all items that I purchased at the gift shop.  In the top left hand corner is a cup placement.  It is about 3/8 of an inch thick so I used glue to affix it to the page.  I then used some sticky tabs to affix the “Civil War Days” photograph to the placement.  This is a picture of a large poster that was at the entrance to the event.  I usually take pictures like this at events and locations for two reasons – the first is to help me remember what the event or locations was, and the second is that often I can use them on the page instead of journaling as I do not like the way that my handwriting looks.

On the right hand page are a handmade bookmark (at the bottom) and a patch (at the top) – both purchased at the gift shop.

I chose a Victorian style background page in green to match the primary color in the photographs, and you will notice that all of the photographs have had the corners cut with a corner cutter.

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