2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry

2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry

2009: Chicago: Museum of Science and Industry

I know that this page looks disorganized – but that is the way that this trip felt!

We were visiting my parents in Indiana – and decided to take the South Shore Line train into Chicago to visit the Museum of Science and Industry because we wanted to visit the Harry Potter exhibit.

We drove to the train station and waited for the train and then had an adventurous ride to the museum.  Since the train ride was a new experience for us I wanted to make sure that I had a page to scrapbook for this as well – which you can see on the left hand page.

When we got to the museum I discovered that you had to buy timed tickets for the Harry Potter exhibit and the only times left were for much later in the day – so we had to stay at the museum a lot longer than we had planned – but we kept very busy and we didn’t even get to see the whole museum.

I used a bubble corner cutter to corner cut some of the pictures and the journal block which adds interest to the photographs, but also adds additional business to the page.  I wanted the viewer to have to slow down and look carefully at this page to discover its treasures – much like we did at the museum.  What unique ephemera can you find on the page?


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