2013: Rose Parade Float Building and Golf n’ Stuff

2013: Rose Parade Float Building and Golf n' Stuff

2013: Rose Parade Float Building and Golf n’ Stuff

After Christmas Day we wanted to see some of the local sites.This spread highlights two completely separate activities.  Many times I scrapbook a single activities on a full two page spread, but sometimes there are not enough photographs or ephemera to justify the use of two pages.

To emphasize that these are two different activities I purposely chose background paper that did not go together so that they background pages themselves emphasize the uniqueness of each side.  I apologize for the fuzziness of this spread – I took the photographs as I was putting them together for Luca’s Goodbye party and didn’t realize that it was this fuzzy until the books were already back in Germany.

The left hand page highlights our time helping to decorate the City of Downey Rose parade float (see more in a couple of days when I post about our trip to the Rose Parade).  Since the background page is very busy, I used red solid paper to border the photographs so that they would stand out against the busy background.

The right hand page details our adventures at Golf N’ Stuff, and miniature golf and entertainment park that was featured in the movie “Karate Kid“.

The page also includes ephemera from the experience, plus a ticket stub from when we went to see “Saving Mr Banks“, which is an excellent movie.

Here is the date scene from Karate Kid filmed at Golf ‘n Stuff:

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