2013: Christmas

2013: Christmas

2013: Christmas

This page is an example of celebrating a theme rather than an event. I wanted to have a page that showed the Christmas traditions that we celebrated together.

However, since we were traveling to California for Christmas I did not want to pay for extra luggage to go all the way to California and then back again.  So we opened gifts from Luca’s parents while we were still at our home, and then actually celebrated Christmas with stockings once we were in California.  We did not have a big present opening on Christmas day as our trip was the Christmas gift to each other.  We gave each other small gifts in the stockings.

So the pictures on this page on not in chronological order, but rather a theme of gifts and activities.

If you follow my blog, you will know that I enjoy incorporating ephemera on my pages.  The Christmas ornament and the reindeer came off of gifts that were for Luca and so I made sure that they made it onto the page.

I used vintage Christmas themed background paper which is pretty busy, so I bordered the photographs in a solid green border paper so that they would stand out on the busy background paper.

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