Europe Vacation 2015: Title Pages

Europe Vacation 2015: Title Page 1I finally have finished our scrapbooks from our vacation to Europe during June and July 2015.  We spent three weeks and managed to visit 7 countries – Denmark (Just a layover in Copenhagen), Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Liechtenstein, and Austria.

The main purpose of the trip was to spend time with our two former exchange students (Jonathan in Sweden, and Luca in Germany) and a visit with our new exchange student (Henry from Germany).  We spent 24 days on this vacation and I ended up creating 134 pages (65 double spreads and 8 single pages) that filled 4 albums.

Europe Vacation 2015: Title Page 2Since I had 4 albums to create title pages for I wanted to make sure that they were within the same theme, but also paid homage to the particular pages that were within that album. This proved to be difficult as each album had pages of such different areas.

I settled on using the image of the European Union Flag which is 12 yellow stars on a field of blue. After I had settled on this and created the Volume 1 Title page, our current exchange student, Henry, informed me that Switzerland is not a member of the European Union.Europe Vacation 2015: Title Page 3
But unfortunately i had already put the Swiss flag on the page, and decided to leave it.

Volumes 1 and 2 contain pages from our time in Sweden, and so the Volume 2 Title Page has a sticker from Sweden on it. It is convenient that the Swedish colors are blue and yellow, so that color theme is present on the Volume 2 Title Page.

Volumes 3 and 4 contain pages from our time in Germany, and so I used the same visual image, but changed the color scheme Europe Vacation 2015: Title Page 4to the German colors – Black, red and yellow. For Volume 3 I used a “Germany” 3D sticker, and for Volume 4 I used the German Flag.

The lettering on all of the pages was cut on my Cricut machine, and I also used the Cricut Machine and Cricut Design Space to lay out the stars and cut all 4 title pages.  In order to easily duplicate the production process I cut the stars out of the back ground paper and then placed colored paper behind it so the the colors showed through.  This was easier than trying to cut 48 stars and place them in a perfect circle on all four of the pages.

For the Volume 4 Title page I used a paper that had “Germany” written all over it which I think created a nice effect.

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