Europe Vacation 2015: Stockholm

Europe Vacation 2015: Stockholm
This page marks the beginning of a very adventurous day in the capitol city of Sweden – Stockholm!  While our plane landed in Stockholm we were whisked away to Uppsala right away, and now the Johansson family brought us back to Sweden to enjoy the day.

Our first stop was along the harbor to enjoy the panoramic view of the harbor and all of the places that we were going to see during the rest of the day.  I took a series of pictures of the harbor that I pieced together to put on this page.  Now, before you all start emailing me – I do have a panoramic setting on my camera and I could have created a picture that way – but I have found that they are very expensive to get printed that way, and I like the staggered effect that putting the pictures together in this way has.

Also on this page are an antique map of Stockholm that is over 100 years old that I purchased on Ebay!  As well as a plastic coated map that I bought after the trip on Ebay as well.  You may ask why I did this and did not collect a map on the way, and the main reason was that I completely forgot to do so.  I like having the maps so that we can look at them later and find the places we visited on the maps.  This newer map is mounted to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it can be opened by the viewer.

The antique map is mounted inside of the plastic protector sheet that it came in so that I didn’t have to put a glue or sticker onto the antique map, and I used the brown background of that protector sheet as a border color for the other items on the page.

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