Europe Vacation 2015: Uppsala Ephemera

Europe Vacation 2015: Uppsala Ephemera
This page holds ephemera from several of the things that we did on this date in Uppsala, Sweden.  This is a great example of a page that mixes several things together if you don’t have enough photographs and ephemera to take up a whole spread from a single event.

The pink theme of this page is based on the napkin in the bottom right hand side.  It is from a candy and ice cream store (Triumf Glass) that is a favorite of our exchange student Jonathan.  We got a kick out of the Swedish word for ice cream which is “glass”.  A dangerous thing to eat if you ask for “glass” in the United States 🙂 !  The right hand page background is of pink ice cream scoops, and the left hand background color was chosen to match.  I selected bright neon green borders for the pictures and ephemera to balance the bright green “Uppsala Musser” / Uppsala Museums brochure in the bottom left hand corner.

Also included on this page is a made of Uppsala that is affixed to the outside of the plastic sheet protector so that the viewer can open it up to look at it, as well as a menu from the “Taco Bar” where we had lunch.  This is where our exchange student Jonathan took us to eat after I asked if we could eat somewhere “Swedish” :).

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