Europe Vacation 2015: Drottningholm

Europe Vacation 2015: Drottningholm

This was a busy day for us, after the Vasa Museum and Skansen we drove to Drottningholm, which is the residence of the Swedish monarchy.  We arrived too late to visit the inside of the palace, but we did get to enjoy the royal gardens, and watch the changing of the guard.  I used gold background paper for this spread, first to highlight the beautiful yellow palace, but also to emphasize the elegance and majesty of the location.

In order to help the borders around the pictures stand out, I used black for a second border, which also helps to tone down the black in the two pictures of the historical signs.  I like to use pictures of historical signs like these when I am unable to pick up brochures from a location.  My son also had a great time getting selfies with the guard, who apparently had to stand there and take it!


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