Europe Vacation 2015: Skansen 2

Europe Vacation 2015: Skansen 2

This is the second spread of our trip to Skansen, and it is dedicated to the animals of the zoo.  Notice that the background paper for the two pages mimics each other.  The paper that I used for the background on the left hand page, I used for the borders on the right hand page and visa versa.  both sets of paper came out of a “safari” pack, which I know is not very Swedish, but it did work wonderfully for these pictures of animals at the various zoo on the property.

If you look carefully at the bottom left hand picture you will see that the bear is looking at something shiny.  It is a cell phone!  Someone dropped it in the cage and the bear was getting a kick out of playing with it.  Someone kept calling it which kept his attention.  We never did see it rescued, but my guess is that it got scratched up quite a bit!  We also saw reindeer (which was something I hoped to see in Sweden), and some very brave squirrels.  We enjoyed the lemurs, but only my son enjoyed the snakes!

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