Europe Vacation 2015: Swedish Currency

Europe Vacation 2015: Swedish Currency
This spread is a single page, as it is the last page of Volume 1. I know that it is hard to believe that I have filled an album with only 3 days of our vacation, but we did so much in those first three days that it took up a whole album!

Usually when we travel to another country I try to collect both bills and coins to add to the scrapbook.  In this case I saved 209 Kronor which is about $25 US.  You can find out the current exchange rate HERE.  This means that these pages can sometimes be fairly expensive, but I think that they are really cool mementos of the trip.

The coins and bills are both placed in plastic protector sheets.  The bills plastic protector sheets are hinged on their blue background so that they can be flipped over if the page is taken out of the full page plastic protector.

I chose the Swedish flag colors for the page, but I am not sure that I liked the way that it turned out, but it works.  The ribbon was placed on the coin protector sheet to help keep the coins from sliding out if the album is turned upside down.

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