Europe Vacation 2015: Jungfrau 1

Europe Vacation 2015: Jungfrau 1

This page is the first of five that I made of our trip to Jungfrau – the Top of Europe.  This adventure was at the top of my bucket list ever since we saw Jungfraujoch on the Amazing Race (Season 22: Episode 8)!

We started the day early in the morning in Germany and made our way into Switzerland and towards Grindelwald where we caught our first train headed up the mountain.  The roads through the mountains were very winding, so much so that our GPS went a little crazy.  You can see this in the small picture at the top left hand side of the spread.  The other pictures on the left hand side are of the beautiful mountains that we saw on the way to the train station.

The right hand side of the page has a paper bag from the gift shop that holds all of the tickets and train timetables from the adventure, as well as a little journalling to remind us of the day.

I chose a tree background paper and green borders to compliment all of the green in the pictures.

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