Europe Vacation 2015: Rhygucker and Rhein Boat Trip

Europe Vacation 2015: Rhein Boat Trip
At the end of the factory tour the Fleishmann’s invited us to join them at the family restaurant down by the Rhein, so the men in the family decided to walk through the fields and down to the restaurant. It was so peaceful and calming – I still think that I might need to move here one day!  It was so surreal to be walking through a field and down a hill, seeing the Rhein with Switzerland on the other side, and seeing cows and goats grazing.

The name of the tiny restaurant was Rhygucker, which basically translates as the “Rhein Watcher” which is exactly what it is – a garden restaurant next to the Rhein, and we had a good time with the families.  I remembered just enough Afrikaans from growing up in South Africa that I could kind of understand most of the conversation.  After we ate the Fleishmann’s let us borrow their boat for a quick run up and down the Rhein.

For this spread I found two background pages that had similar patterns, but were of different colors.  The left hand page emulates the green of the fields, and the right hand page the blue of the water, and my sons shirt.  For the borders for the pictures I used the same green antique map paper to help tie the two pages together.
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