Europe Vacation 2015: Zurich

Europe Vacation 2015: Zurich 1

On June 30th we went with Luca’s aunt Sabina to Zurich, Switzerland. Sabina lives in Switzerland and was kind enough to show us around this amazing city.

On this first spread I chose the red Switzerland background paper as the theme and then played the color red throughout the spread.  On the left hand side I have a picture of the city (top) and a picture of the opera house (bottom).  I also used a bag from a gift shop to hold a guide to Zurich, and affixed it to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it would be easy for the viewer to access and open it.  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the date, and then bordered it with white to help it stand out on the page.

The right hand side has coins and paper currency from Switzerland in plastic protector sheets, both of which are hinged so that they can be lifted to look at the other side.  These are inside the page protector sheet to help protect them a little bit from young hands.  I usually collect a little bit more paper money when I am in a country but since the Swiss Franc at the time was so expensive compared to the dollar I decided not to do that.  Look HERE to see what the 10 Franc note is currently worth.

Europe Vacation 2015: Zurich 2

For the second spread I chose a blue color scheme for this second spread since I had the Switzerland title piece that had come pre-made in blue.  The pictures on this spread are of the city, a bakery that has been open for 400 years, and of a beautiful church which has the largest clock face in Europe.  Apparently in older times the wealth of your city could be demonstrated by the amazing clock that you had on your church tower!

The letters on the right hand side of the page are chipboard letters left over from a previous project and they are mounted on a blue piece of ribbon that I salvaged from a blanket that I purchased that it was tied around!  I used crafting glue to mount the letters on the ribbon, and then the ribbon is wrapped around and affixed to the back of the cardstock with scotch tape. I had to do this since the chipboard letters are fairly heavy and are likely to come off with regular sticky tabs.

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