Europe Vacation 2015: Flying to Hamburg

Europe Vacation 2015: Flying to Hamburg
On the 1st of July we fly from Stuttgart to Hamburg, to meet the family of our new exchange student who would come to spend the year with us in 2015-2016.  Since we had just spent a week a piece with our two former exchange students, it was different to meet our next exchange student in his home before he had been to ours.  The Ollmann’s greeted us at the airport and immediately took us on a tour of Hamburg.

This page shares the flight, and some ephemera from our time in Hamburg, Germany.  We flew Air Berlin and we very impressed – we managed to get seats with lots of leg room which is a necessity for two 6’4″ guys flying together (Notice the picture of Levi on the top left hand page  – he is happy!).  This page also includes our Boarding passes for the flight, and a heart shaped chocolate wrapper that they handed us when we got off of the plane.  There is also a picture of our exchange student, Henry, holding up the welcome sign that he and his family had at the airport.

The right hand page has a map of Hamburg, which is affixed to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that the viewer can open it to see it better, as well as a screen cloth that the Ollmann Family gave us with art from around Hamburg.  I chose a yellow, black , and red theme for this page to highlight the colors of the German flag.

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