2016: Skydeck Chicago

2016: Skydeck Chicago
The second stop on our Spring Road Trip was Chicago, and the Skydeck at the Willis Tower. The Skydeck is at the top of the building, which use to be the tallest building in the world. It is a glass box that extends out over the edge of the floor so that you are standing on glass about 1300 feet above the ground. It is quite a thrilling, exhilarating, and terrifying experience.

For this spread I chose a blue background to match the colors in the brochure and the ticket., as well as to match the blue tone of the pictures.  The left-hand page has a cutout of the Willis Tower that I cut using my Cricut Machine, next to a certificate from the experience.  The right-hand page has the pictures of the experience, the brochure (which is placed on the outside of the plastic page protector, so that the reader can open it to view), and the ticket from the experience.  I like to use tickets on the page as they show the date of the event.

We have actually visited the SkyDeck several other times and you can view this page of our visit to the Skydeck with Luca in 2014 and Stephanie in 2011.

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