2011: Chicago Skydeck - Closed

2011: Chicago Skydeck

2011: Chicago Skydeck - Closed2011: Chicago Skydeck - Open

The Chicago Skydeck is one of the places that we have visited many times with friends and on our own. (See other trips –> 2014, 2016). This trip was with our friend Stephanie who was attending a conference in Chicago, and we drove up to see her.

I chose a metal background paper for this spread to hint at the industrial nature of this skyscraper, and on the right-hand page I put the official tourist photo from the trip. It can be opened so that the viewer can see inside. You should see a scroll bar on the picture above so that you can swipe to see it opened and closed. I actually have the picture under the plastic, and the cover is fit through a slice in the plastic page protector (See how to do this HERE).

The left-hand page has a postcard from the tourist store, our tickets from the event, and a brochure from the experience. The brochure is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it too can be opened for the viewer to read.

2011: Chicago Skydeck

Above is the second spread from our trip to the Chicago Skydeck and has our pictures from the Ledge – a glass box at the top of the building that allows you to walk outside the edge of the building. It is a pretty exhilarating or terrifying experience depending on if you like heights.

For the right-hand page I used my Cricut machine to cut out the scroll pattern as I thought that it would make it look like gusts of wind against the blue-sky background and matched the swirls that are on the background of the right-hand page.

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