2016: iFly - Chicago

2016: iFly – Chicago

2016: iFly - Chicago
Another adventure on our Spring Break Road Trip was an indoor skydiving experience called iFly. The boys both had a blast doing this and it was well worth the money and time spent on this.

Visitor Tip: I was able to get a great discount by buying our experience ahead of time on Groupon.com.

I chose a blue background for this spread to hint at the blue of the sky, and cut out the skydiver using my Cricut Machine. The right hand page ephemera includes the certificate they received at the end of the experience, their wristband entrance ticket (which shows the date and time that we were there), and a patch that I purchased at the onsite store. I bordered everything in white to match the border on the certificate. I also chose to put the red skydiver across both pages to tie the two together. If you look closely at the skydiver you will noticed that I used a black marker to edge the entire cutout with – this helps to create definition between the cutout and the rest of the items on the page.

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