2016: Medieval Times – Chicago

2016: Medieval Times - Chicago
The next activity on our Spring Break Road Trip was Medieval Times in Chicago!  Medieval Times is another favorite activity for our family and you can view other spreads from other visits here – 2007, 2008A, 2008B, 2014.  Medieval Times is a family dinner theater experience complete with jousts, sword fights, and horse races.  The food is good and you get to eat it with your hands!

Visitor Tip: I was able to get a great discount by buying our experience ahead of time on Groupon.com.

On this visit we were assigned to cheer for the blue knight, and so this spread is themed in blue!  The right hand side page contains pictures from the event bordered in gold to match the colors from the crown.  In the bottom left corner of this page there is actually a piece of a broken lance from a joust.  I was able to slice it pretty thin using an X-acto knife.

The left hand page has a pocket that I made from the crown that we were given at the event that you can see in the pictures.  I attached it to the page using a long strip of adhesive tape across the bottom and the sides so that the brochure could slide into it.  This allows the brochure to be removed from the page so that the viewer can read it.

For the spread borders on the right and left I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear some paper left over from another project.

“Medieval Times” Scrapbook Kit

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