2016: Museum of Transportation

2016: Museum of Transportation
The next stop on our Spring Break Road Trip was the Museum of Transportation in St Louis, MO.  I have been a huge fan of trains ever since I was a little kid – so this was a great treat for me.  The museum houses cars and carriages, but what is most impressive is their massive collection of train engines and railway cars!  This is a great experience for the whole family, but I would suggest bringing a stroller if you have small kids, because there is some walking and elevation changes involved.  Most of the museum is outside, so dress with the weather in mind.

For this spread I used two background papers – rock on the left, and road signs on the right.  The left hand page has pictures from the museum on a gray border, and a small brad in the middle of a car.  The right hand page is a pocket that I created to hold the brochures from the museum.  I cut the train out using my Cricut Machine, and then used adhesive tape to affix it to the bottom and the sides of the background paper, making a pocket that the brochures could slide into.  The red strip in the top right hand corner is the entrance wristband from the museum.

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