2016: Boston Trip Title Page

2016: Boston Trip Title Page
This page marks the beginning of a new album. I took a trip with my exchange student to Boston, MA, where I was attending a conference. We made a road trip out of the journey there and back. On the way there we stopped at Niagara Falls, which I featured in an earlier blog.

This page is the Title Page for this trip.  I usually make the title page as the last project for an album so that I can capture all of the upcoming pages in the theme of the first page, and I think that I did a great job on this one.  I must apologize for the glare of the plastic page protector on the bottom of this picture – I struggled to take the picture without a glare.

For this page I used several pieces off unused ephemera and embellishments from the album creation process.  The background is the red striped paper, and layered over that is a walking map of Boston that I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear, along with the solid red border paper.  The black city outline with the yellow lettered “Boston” was an item I purchased from Etsy, but did not end up using elsewhere in the album.  The blue “Boston”, the gold church steeple, and the bird are left over from a Boston Sticker pack.  And the “Memories” card, and the red journal card both came from a Project Life card set.

It looks a little jumbled, but I really like this page, because it looks like a vintage scrapbook collection – the original way that scrapbooks used to be created.  I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you over the next few days.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

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