2016: Taste of Indy and Airstrip Attack

2016: Taste of Indy and Airstrip Attack
This spread is an example of blending two different events together in one spread.   It showcases our trip to Taste of Indy, and our day at the Airstrip Attack.

The left hand page has the ephemera from our trip to the Taste of Indy.  Unfortunately I was so excited about trying all of the food that I forgot to take pictures!  The two wristbands at the top were our entrance tickets, and the tickets on the left hand side are actually food tickets that we decided not to spend.  I couldn’t buy anything with two tickets and I thought it would be nice to have them in the album.

The right hand page is of our day at Airstrip Attack.  Basically the event is car racing on an airport runway where cars do not have to obey the speed limit.  They set up two cars to race other, one race after another, all day long.  It is actually quite fascinating to watch.

I picked the color scheme off of the Taste of Indy brochures (Orange and Blue) and then used it on both pages.  Notice that the wristbands and the Airstrip Attack banners have the same two color borders, except that I put them in the opposite order.  The items on the left are bordered in orange, and the items on the right are bordered in blue.  The two background papers are also themed in the orange and blue color scheme.

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