2016: Niagara Falls

2016: Niagara Falls Cover
This spread shares our visit to Niagara Falls.  Part of what I am excited about with this spread is that it is the first time that I used panoramic plastic page protectors which allowed me to create a four part 12×12 spread which can be seen below. The spread above is a double page cover than splits open in the middle to open up to see the 4 part spread.  I put some postcards from the trip, along with a photo that I took from the observation deck, and a sticker from the Maiden of the Mist, the ship that carried us out close to the falls (you can see it in the large photo on the right hand page.

You may want to click on the picture of the 4 part spread below to see a larger version of it so that you can better see the detail.

2016: Niagara Falls

Since this was the Niagara Falls, the color scheme for these 4 pages had to be blue water!  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear two different colors of blue to make the appearance of water waves at the bottom of all 4 pages.  I felt like this would help to keep all 4 pages together within a single theme.

The left hand page has the brochures from the experience.  These are affixed to the top of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open them to view them.  The next two pages are pictures of us at the falls, and on the Maiden of the Mist – the boat that takes you to the base of the Falls.  The right hand page is actually pictures that we took the night before our boat tour of the lights on the waterfalls and the firework display that night.  It was an incredible experience.  I cut the firework cutouts on this page using my Cricut Machine.

Niagara Falls Visitor Tips:

1. Wear your Raincoat on the Maiden of the Mist:  The are provided with your ticket – wear them – you will get wet – and not just like a drizzle – more like a bucket poured on your head.

2. Buy your tickets early and try to get on the first boat of the day:  The later in the day that you buy your tickets, the longer you will stand in line to get on the boat!

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