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2016: Boston Trip Title Page Version 2

2016: Boston Trip Title Page version 2
This is the second version of the title page for our Boston Road Trip Vacation.  Since I took our exchange student on this trip – I built his pages right into the 4th album of his year with us, and so this was the page within that album that introduced the trip.  For our family I created a separate album, and the title page for the album can be found at 2016: Boston Trip Title Page.

I chose background paper that us a map of the United States  and then used a red marker to trace out the route that we took on the trip.  I have done something similar on a couple of other pages:

  • Trip around Bodensee – where I attached a map with the route that we took.
  • 2013 Road Trip:  Used an actual map that I marked in red ink with our route, and then cut to fit the spread.

I also used pictures that we took at all of the Visitor Welcome Centers that we encountered along the trip and put them all on this page with the map.  The other items are Project Life quote cards that I used to journal on, and to add themed interest to the page.  I then bordered the photos and some of the quote cards in brown to complement the brown of the “Travel” card.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages


2016: Boston Trip Title Page

2016: Boston Trip Title Page
This page marks the beginning of a new album. I took a trip with my exchange student to Boston, MA, where I was attending a conference. We made a road trip out of the journey there and back. On the way there we stopped at Niagara Falls, which I featured in an earlier blog.

This page is the Title Page for this trip.  I usually make the title page as the last project for an album so that I can capture all of the upcoming pages in the theme of the first page, and I think that I did a great job on this one.  I must apologize for the glare of the plastic page protector on the bottom of this picture – I struggled to take the picture without a glare.

For this page I used several pieces off unused ephemera and embellishments from the album creation process.  The background is the red striped paper, and layered over that is a walking map of Boston that I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear, along with the solid red border paper.  The black city outline with the yellow lettered “Boston” was an item I purchased from Etsy, but did not end up using elsewhere in the album.  The blue “Boston”, the gold church steeple, and the bird are left over from a Boston Sticker pack.  And the “Memories” card, and the red journal card both came from a Project Life card set.

It looks a little jumbled, but I really like this page, because it looks like a vintage scrapbook collection – the original way that scrapbooks used to be created.  I am looking forward to sharing the rest of the album with you over the next few days.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

2016: Mega Caverns Bike Adventure

2016: Mega Caverns Bike Adventure
As our year with our exchange student was coming to end I wanted to take one more family trip together. So we decided to go down to Louisville, KY. On the way down we saw a billboard for Bike Adventures in the Mega Caverns and decided that we had to try it out.  There are so many activities to do in the Caverns including guided bike tours, a tram tour, a zipline tour, a high ropes course, and a bmx jump course.  The caverns are actually a former limestone mine that has been converted to an adventure park, and a huge underground storage area.  We only had time to do the Bike Adventure, but we were able to make it back at a later date to do more.

Visitor Tip:  You will get dirty at this location – take a spare set of clothes to change into.

For this spread I chose vintage machinery background paper to hint at the former mining purpose of these caverns.  I used a black paper border for the pictures, and included a patch that I purchased at the onsite store, as well as the brochure, which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer can open it to read.  At the top of the right hand page is the entrance wristband which has the date written on it.  This serves as a date stamp for the spread.

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2015: Trip to the Emergency room

2015: Trip to the Emergency room
I know that not every parent would create a scrapbook page of a trip to the emergency room – but I couldn’t resist.  This was the third time that we had been to the emergency room because of a finger cut playing with a knife.  Now, my son would say that he was not playing, but he doesn’t really have a good explanation of how he was using the knife as a tool!

This time the cut went deep enough that he needed stitches and so I put a few of my own on the page above the “Boys will be Boys” card.  I sued thick black thread and used a needle to push them through the paper.  For the theme of this page I used a lot of lined paper as it reminded my of the lines made by the stitches.

And for those of you wondering how to keep your kids from being bored and playing with knives, the Kiwi Crate ad below is a great way to receive monthly projects for your kids to keep them out of trouble!

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