2016: Boston – Freedom Trail – Old South Meeting House & Old State House

2016: Boston - Freedom Trail - Old South Meeting House & Old State House
The next 2 stops on the Freedom Trail were the Old South Meeting House and the Old State House.  This spread is version of this location that I created for our exchange student.  Tomorrow I will share the version that I created for my personal album, which is a little different.

You will notice that I again used the brick strip to tie all of the Freedom Trail pages together, this time bordered in a light brown or tan color to match the color scheme of this spread.  The pictures on the left hand page are from the Old South Meeting House, and the right hand page has pictures and the brochure from the Old State House.   I used the same tan color for the border for these pictures.

Notice also the rubber stamps of the location and date that were made at each of the locations.  I like to use ephemera like this to establish the location and date on the page without having to journal. I cut these, and their borders using Creative Memories swivel blade and circle template.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear the borders on the right and left of the spread.  Adding borders like this helps to create interest on the page so that it does not look plain.

The Old South Meeting House held a historic meeting of around 5000 Bostonians who were angry about the British tax on tea the night of the Boston Tea Party.


“Boston MA” ASSEMBLED Scrapbook Pages

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