2016: Brown County and French Lick, Indiana

2016: Brown County and French Lick, Indiana

2016: Brown County and French Lick, Indiana
During our Fall Break trip to Southern Indiana we visited several popular tourist towns.  This spread showcases two of them – Nashville, IN and French Lick, IN.

The left hand page contains a picture from a restaurant that we ate in in Nashville, IN, as well as the business card of a rock carver that carved our name into a rock for our front yard.  There is also a Cashout ticket from the French Lick Resort Casino that I stepped into for a while.  I found it on the floor, and it is a nice reminder that it is hard to win money on the machines (Notice someone only had $0.08 left!).  I put this on the page because it shows the date that I was at the Resort.  I chose this background paper since it was antique looking and had the playing card on it – to tie into the old hotels and the casino.

The right hand page contains pictures from the French Lick Resort as well as the Trolley that runs between the French Lick Resort and the West Baden Springs Resort.  I chose a matching yellowed antique background paper and use a jagged edge tearing tool to create the torn brown border to match the color of the borders that I used on the pictures and the ephemera on this page.


RUSTIC TOWN Handmade Small Vintage Antique Looking Genuine Leather Bound Journal Diary Notebook Travel book with blank Unlined pages

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