Summer Road Trip 2017: Bass Pro Shop – Memphis & Big Cypress Lodge

Summer Road Trip 2017: Bass Pro Shop – Memphis & Big Cypress Lodge

Summer Road Trip 2017: Bass Pro Shop – Memphis & Big Cypress LodgeThis blog highlights a part of the trip which I did not plan on going to, but which I found to be a great joy and would recommend to everyone! It highlighted to me the beauty of having a planned but not scheduled trip, as when I wanted to spend a good portion of a day at this location it was not a big deal, because I good adjust the plans easily.  When I was going to Mud Island, I realized that I had arrived before it opened and I decided to go and see what the Bass Pro Shops was like that I could see just down the road – when I walked in the door I was amazed!   I explored for about an hour, then I went to Mud Island, and then I went back to the Pyramid for a couple more hours!  So you are going to enjoy 4 spreads from this fabulous building.

This first spread is the opening page, and like all 4 spreads in this blog features an outdoors and animals theme which plays in nicely with the Bass Pro Shops market.  The left hand page has the professional photograph that was taken on site, and the right hand side has some pictures from the outside of the pyramid, as well as one that I took while on the suspension railway going to Mud Island.

2017: Bass Pro Shop - Memphis - open This smaller picture shows what the folder is like when it is open.  For instructions on how to create an opening folder on a scrapbook page with a plastic page protector click Here for Instructions. To see this photograph in greater detail click on it and you will be able to zoom in.


Summer Road Trip 2017: Bass Pro Shop – Memphis & Big Cypress Lodge 2This next spread is of pictures that I took inside of the Pyramid.  It is an awe inspiring space that includes the Bass Pro Shop, indoor alligator and fishing pond, a huge aquarium, myriads of taxidermy, and of course as amazing gun shop, including many antique and vintage guns that are for sale.  I purchased a commemorative coin from the gift shop and I placed it in the middle of the pictures on the left hand page.  The background paper came pre-printed with the timber border, and I was careful to fit the pictures inside of it so that it could be seen.  I know that this is a very busy spread – but I think that it perfectly mimics the feeling that one has when they walk into the pyramid, and invites the viewer to slow down and look at all of the detail in the pictures.

2017: Bass Pro Shop - Memphis - 3This third spread highlights the Sky High Ride, which is a glass elevator which takes you to the top of the pyramid.  At the top is a restaurant, and two glass ledges that you can walk out onto and enjoy the view from the top. If you look carefully at the photography on the left hand page, you can see that I took that through the glass that I was standing on!  It was quite a nerve racking experience.  The photos on the right hand page are selfies taken looking up to the top of the pyramid, and looking out over the Mississippi River.  The green color of the Mississippi is what I chose as the color scheme of this spread. The left hand page also has the ticket for the elevator ride, as well as the brochure for the experience, which is affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to read.

I used a triple torn border of greens and browns, as well as fish background paper, and green river water background paper.  The torn edges remind one of the ripples of waves on a rushing river.  I finished the borders by sewing a leaf pattern with my sewing machine.

Summer Road Trip 2017: Bass Pro Shop – Memphis & Big Cypress Lodge 3The Pyramid also contains an amazing hotel – the Big Cypress.  While I did not get to see any of the rooms, the entrance to the hotel is at the entrance of the Bass Pro Shops and I was able to ask the concierge about the hotel and he handed me the two brochures which are on the right hand page.  These, or course, are affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that they can be open and viewed.

The pictures on the left hand page were taken inside the entrance to the Bass Pro Shops, and you can see the entrance to the hotel.  I was so impressed by the brochures and the experience of the Pyramid that I knew that my parents would love it.  I knew that they had some friends not too far away, and for their 50th Wedding Anniversary I paid for them to spend the night in the hotel and they said that they had a great experience!  Next time I stay in Memphis – this is where I am going to stay.

Bass Pro Pyramid

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