2017: Mindfield, Brownsville, TN

Summer Road Trip 2017: Mindfield, Brownsville, TN

2017: Mindfield, Brownsville, TN
The Mindfield, in Brownsville, TN is one of those things that I would have never stopped to see if it wasn’t for Roadtrippers.com.  It is Tennessee’s largest sculpture and was built by artist Billy Tripp.    It is cool to see, but there is no access to the property – you have to view it from adjoining properties.

For this spread I chose a background paper that had steel girding on it – it looks like a bridge – to compliment the metal structures in the sculpture.  Then I put all of the pictures that I took on the left hand page.   Since I had no brochure, or even a picture of a sign, to put on the page to explain what this was, I used a card from a Project Life set that I purchased on clearance, and wrote the location and the date on it, so that I would remember what it was and when I was there!


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