Germany 2017: Omas Küche im Liesele

Germany 2017: Omas Küche im Liesele

Germany 2017: Omas Küche im Liesele
One of the evenings that I was in Germany, Luca’s parents took us out to a classic German restaurant so that I could enjoy some local food. We went to Omas Küche im Liesele in Radolfzell.  This was a family restaurant that had many traditional German items.  With the meal that I ordered I also got to use the salad bar which had about 20 different kinds of German salads that I got to enjoy.  After our amazing meal we stepped outside and saw a beautiful rainbow which shows in the pictures on the right hand page.

The theme for this spread is based on the colors of the rainbow photos, as well as an old world pattern that reminded me of the inside of the restaurant.  The sign for the restaurant was hanging from an elaborate iron hinge which I tried to emulate using my Cricut machine.  I also cut the silverware and the pottery jar using my Cricut machine.  If you look closely at the picture of Luca’s parents, you can see that the restaurant was filled with old kitchen antiques.  I bordered all of the photos in black to help them stand out against the busy background.


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