Germany 2017: Abiball

Germany 2017: Abiball

Germany 2017: Abiball
This page showcases the whole reason for this trip – to attend Luca’s graduation!  The German word for Graduation is Schulabschuss, but this event was called the Abiball.  German high school graduation ceremonies are very different to American ones – they are part awards ceremony, part dinner, part dance.  It is a cool combination that creates for a memorable experience for students and their families.  We started with a dinner, then moved on to an awards ceremony, and then all of the families left, and the students and faculty went out to dance, (and drink I gathered).

I chose a tropical theme for this spread, because the theme for the night was “Abison Crueso”, and the whole event was tropical themed.  I thought that this was funny because I was excited about a “traditional” German graduation – and they picked a non-German theme for the event :).

The spread includes the ticket from the event, as well as professional pictures taken at the event, and some that I took as well.  I bordered the pictures in pink to match the background paper, but used purple for the page borders to match some of the colors in my photographs.  The pink flowers on the page are from a lei that was on our table at the event.  I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in the paper and used black brads to attach the petals.  If you look carefully you will find a fun one that hints at Luca’s new facial hair that he grew for this event.

Click HERE to see the full album that I made for Luca for his graduation.


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