Germany Trip 2017: Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Germany Trip 2017: Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Germany Trip 2017: Schaffhausen, Switzerland
On my second day in Germany we went to Schaffhausen, Switzerland. (Visit Switzerland Tourism website for history of this city).  This is a medieval city with an incredible fortress in the middle of it called the Munot Fortress, and this was the main thing that we went to visit.  It was a long hike to the top, but when we got to the top there were incredible views.  There were long covered walls going down towards the river, which would have given archers and excellent area of cross fire if an army was trying to breach the castle walls.

I chose a brown theme for this spread, and used a double torn border to give the spread some dimension.  If you look at the right hand page, you will see that I cut some of the pictures to interesting sizes in order to fit a few more pictures onto the page.  This is not something that I normally do, but I felt that it worked very well on this spread.

A funny story about this experience was that when we got back home that night I told Luca’s parents that we had visited “Scheisshausen“, which apparently means something entirely different.  They got a good laugh out of it. :).

Drone Flyover of Shauffhausen

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