Cancun 2017: Mayan Glyphs

Cancun 2017: Mayan Glyphs

Cancun 2017: Mayan Glyphs
On the bus ride to Chichen Itza the tour guides did a little promo on buying Mayan Glyphs with whatever we wanted written on them. Come to think of it – there was a lot of heavy selling on this trip – but I didn’t mind as I like to collect these kinds of things.  We made our orders on the bus, and we were able to pick them up when we were leaving one of the stores that we stopped at.

The one I ordered is on the right page.  It was longer than 12 inches so I cut off the bottom (name and date) and put it on the side.  This is the date of the trip that we took and I thought that it be a good reminder of the time.

The left hand page has the folder that it came in (also cut down to 12 inches), and it can be pulled out of the plastic page protector to reveal the instructions of how to read the glyphs.


Xichen Tour walk through the history in the heart of the Mayan cities of Chichen Itza, package with transportation and buffet meals. Cancun, Yucatan

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